SDCC Exclusive Wonder Woman & Harley Quinn Pullips?!?

Still a little behind here as I frantically work behind the scenes doing various updates here but I wanted to share this news as quickly as possible!

 has just released some additional details about their upcoming SDCC exclusive Pullips (at this point I’m assuming they are both Pullips) via their facebook page tonight. 

This year’s SDCC exclusive Pullips will be another collaboration with DC Comics, new versions of Pullips Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman will be released. In 2012 Pullip Wonder Woman was released as one of two SDCC releases that year alongside Taeyang Batman, later that same year at NYCC Pullip Harley Quinn was released.

I wonder what the new versions will look like?

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2 Responses to SDCC Exclusive Wonder Woman & Harley Quinn Pullips?!?

  1. Deb says:

    Groove’s blog suggested these were a Warner Bros./DC collab, so I wonder if they’re based on Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn from DC Super Hero Girls?

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m pretty sure the rights for the DC Superhero Girls designs are owned by Mattel though. They are probably either based off of recent film versions or their own version, I can’t see Mattel letting them use their designs.

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