Sailor Moon x Pullip- Sailor Star Fighter

Groove has officially announced the next doll in the Sailor Moon x Pullip series of collaboration dolls via their blog tonight. The first of the Sailor Stars to be released will be the leader of the trio Sailor Star Fighter. Sailor Star Fighter will be the seventeenth doll released as a part of the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration series. The release date has been set for March (April for us here in the states) and has a rather hefty MSRP of 22000 yen which is about $188 as of this writing.
Cut through the darkness, wandering shooting star … Sailor Star Fighter! Stage On!

I’ve been wondering if Groove would ever do the Sailor Stars as dolls or not, there has never been very much merchandise of the trio so it is pretty exciting to see them realized in doll form. The outfits look pretty great, I know not everyone is the biggest fan of the pleather that is used for the outfits of the Sailor Moon dolls but for the Sailor Stars it is a fairly close match to what they actually wear in the anime.
Sailor StarlightsI think that Groove did a really great job of adapting the character designs into doll form. There are a lot of little details on the outfits that I hope are as amazing in person as they look in the promo photos.
Sailor Star FighterI wonder how the circlet/tiaras are actually held on the regular Sailor Moon dolls’ tiaras are affixed with hair clips which can be tricky to get the placement just right on.
P165_06Sailor Star Fighter has a really nice versatile face up, I bet she would look great in a lot of different wig/eye chip combos. I especially love the stylized eye make up and those brilliant blue eyes!
P165_09Back view of the outfit. Looking at the outfit more closely I’m not sure how easy it will actually be to remove fro the doll due to the way the belt for lack of a better term is crisscrossed across the stomach, I can not tell how it is attached.
P165_bannrBandai Shop once again has an exclusive version available to only those who preorder through them. The exclusive version comes with Seiya’s casual outfit in addition to the Sailor senshi outfit. The exclusive version has a MSRP of 25000 yen, 3000 yen higher than the regular version.

I’ll be sure to update once Sailor Star Fighter becomes available for preorder via JPGroove/Pullipstyle!

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