Pullip My Melody × Hen’nako Announced!

I apologize for delay on getting this one posted up, Pullip My Melody x Hen’nako was also announced the other day via Groove’s blog. For those who don’t know or aren’t familiar with My Melody, she is a Sanrio character. She is a rabbit but her rabbit ears are always covered in a hood which has traditionally been red but more recently it has been pictured as pink or red. This year marked the 40th anniversary of My Melody.
Jun Planning/Groove has previously collaborated with Sanrio before and have even made a My Melody Pullip way back in 2008. The original My Melody is everything you would expect from a Sanrio collaboration doll, very sweet and innocent.
sanriomymelodyThe new My Melody Pullip is also a collaboration with Mitsubachi@BabyBee who has previously been a featured artist in the Creator’s Label line collaborating on such dolls as Kuhn, Seila and the fan favorite Alura. My Melody is done up in Mitsubachi@BabyBee’s signature style in particular she styled a bit like Mitsubachi@BabyBee’s popular character Hen’nako.

Like a dream and cute, it might be somewhere I’ll go to an eye on you.


My Melody x Hen’nako will be released in Japan in January and February here in the US. She has a MSRP of 22,000 yen which is about $183 as of this writing.
The back view of the outfit.
P159_07_mailThe dress underneath her stock outfit is very cute! It looks like it is beaded and very nicely detailed. I love her cute My Melody purse.
P159_06_mailI love her gradient eyelids, they are some of the most interesting eyelids I’ve seen on a stock Pullip.
P159_08_mail The face up is not bad I’d love to see it on a darker themed doll but it just seems somewhat out of character for such a sweet character like My Melody.  The more I look at her face up the more I think of My Melody’s devilish rival Kuromi (pictured below). How adorable would a mischievous Kuromi themed Pullip be?
Verdict: I like the doll and I like the outfit but not really together, she is also quite costly at 22,000 yen so I think I am going to need to wait to see owner photos on this one!

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2 Responses to Pullip My Melody × Hen’nako Announced!

  1. Kovertkat says:

    So Kuromi is My Melody’s sister I believe. Also I would die with excitement if a Kuromi ever came out.

  2. sandybyrne says:

    I am kind of interested in this one too as i really like My Melody ❤ Are you getting her too? =D

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