Make It Own Pullip Kits in stock @Pullipstyle

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive on this site is when will the Make It Own or MIO Pullip kits be restocked,  Pullipstyle finally received a restock shipment of normal skin Pullip kits which are available to buy via their website. There is a purchase limit of five kits per customer, even with the limit in place expect the MIO kits to sell out extremely quickly like within a week or two as they are very popular. Isul and Dal MIO kits are also in stock as of this writing.
If you do not already know MIO kits are blank doll kits ideal for customization, the possibilities of what you can do with them are pretty much endless. For years up until this point if you wanted to customize a doll you either had to wait and hope for a baited doll to show up on the secondary market or buy a new doll to customize so the option of being able to buy a blank doll kit at a low price is really the answer to Pullip collector’s prayers.

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2 Responses to Make It Own Pullip Kits in stock @Pullipstyle

  1. Pullipstyle is out of stock again, anywhere else I can find some?
    I managed to snag a Mocha kit a while back, but I’m looking for more–any skintone, doesn’t matter.

    • Klein says:

      Pullipstyle got virtually all of the mocha kits last time so I do not know of anyone who has them in stock, Pullipstyle is expecting a restock but it will not be until late May.

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