Pullips Sailor Pluto & Eve Sweet available for preorder also Pang-ju sale @Pullipstyle

Pullipstyle has opened up preorders for Pullip Sailor Pluto and Pullip Eve Sweet, both dolls are set for a late October release.
Eve Sweet Pullip Eve Sweet is priced at $120 and can be preordered here. Eve Sweet is really lovely and she is supposed to be the first doll in the new Innocent Flowers series of dolls, I definitely look forward to seeing future dolls in this series.
Sailor Pluto Sailor Pluto is priced at $130 and can be preordered here. Sailor Pluto is the 12th doll in the very popular Sailor Moon x Pullip series of dolls. She is definitely going on my wish list though I am so behind in this series I still need Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Chibi-Moon, Sailor Uranus and Tuxedo Mask ^^;

Also of note, Pullipstyle is also having a sale on most Pang-ju, Pang-ju are adorable tiny anthro bjds that resemble Chihuahuas. You can check out their selection here, I should warn though that these little doggies are going fast!
flower-pangI ordered Flower-Pang who is pictured above and Pome-Pang, they should be here tomorrow! I’m hoping they restock Chiffon-Pang so I can order her too!

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2 Responses to Pullips Sailor Pluto & Eve Sweet available for preorder also Pang-ju sale @Pullipstyle

  1. Mandy says:

    I just ordered Chiffon! She’s back in stock and soooo cute XD Thank you for telling us about the sale! This is my first Pang-ju, but I have many other dollies to great her when she gets here 🙂

    • kleintoys says:

      They just got a restock in today! I’m going to wait a bit on Chiffon-pang especially I just bought a few Ai Dolls that I have been wanting for years but had been unable to find them.

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