Pullip & Isul MIO (Make It Own) Kits now in stock on Pullipstyle!

I know everyone always seems to be desperately searching for the Make It Own or MIO kits, so I wanted to share that the Isul as well as the tan Pullip MIO kits are now in stock on Pullipstyle. If you somehow don’t already know about Make It Own kits, they are blank dolls kits ideal for customizing. These kits are insanely popular so I would not expect them to stay in stock for very long, if you want them I would not hesitate to order them as last time the Pullip kits were in stock they sold out within a week.

Pullip (tan): Link
Isul: Link
Taeyang: Link

Pullipstyle is also running a special right now that if you buy any in stock full-sized doll in addition to any MIO kit they will include a free set of random MIO eyechips.

How tan are the tan MIO kits? Groove has said that these dolls are the same skin tones  as the MIO kits.
MIO Skin tones

Byul Cheshire Cat Byul- Tanned
Pullip Kuhn- Fair
Pullip Nostalgia Merl- Natural
Pullip Wilhelmenia – Pale


In other news Rozen Maiden x Pullip Collaborations Suiseiseki & Souseiseki are also now in stock at Pullipstyle.

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