Joker & Harley Quinn statue

Though it’s admittedly been a while since I have focused on much else here, I do have interests outside of Pullip those interests include comic book stuff especially if it’s related to Joker and/or Harley Quinn. Yesterday a very large order arrived from Bigbadtoystore, I decided to feature one of the items that I was most excited about here today a new Joker & Harley Quinn statue.
Joker & Harley Quinn
The figure is based on the cover of Batman: Harley Quinn by Alex Ross.  The illustration is probably my favorite of Joker & Harley Quinn together so it is very fitting that is the cover of one of my favorite comic books of all-time. Batman: Harley Quinn introduced Harley Quinn into the mainline continuity of the comics during one of my favorite DC events No Man’s Land.
Batman_-_Harley_Quinn_1The cover is quite popular and has been available on a variety of merchandise over the years including t-shirts (which I unintentionally happen to be wearing at the moment) and cell phone cases (which I have on my phone) but never before as a figure/statue.  As soon as the figure was announced by DC Collectibles I was elated and immediately preordered it through Bigbadtoystore. The statue is approximately 1/6 scale (slightly over a foot tall) and has a MSRP of $249.99, I paid $199.99 via BBTS.

This figure looks amazing from pretty much all angles which is kind of amazing considering that the inspiration for this piece was a 2D illustration /painting.
Joker & Harley QuinnOne of the things I always loved about the illustration that the figure is based on is the pose, there is just something about the way Joker is holding his Harley Quinn she is almost like an instrument.
Joker & Harley QuinnDC definitely spent a lot of time on the sculpt, all the little details on it are amazing for example I almost couldn’t believe that Harley Quinn’s neck ruffle wasn’t fabric as it had been draped so well.
Joker & Harley QuinnThe figure has a really fantastic paint job, I was really impressed with it. The quality is of the paint job is really nice and crisp. I especially love the glossy paint used for Harley Quinn’s outfit.
Joker & Harley Quinn StatueThe statue really does look fantastic from most any angle, even close-up.

Joker & Harley Quinn StatueEven though it’s a bit on the pricey side I would definitely recommend this statue for fans of Joker and Harley Quinn as it’s fantastic and by fan one of the best and most faithful adaptions of the characters that I have seen in figure/statue form. I have a lot of Joker & Harley Quinn statues even though I no longer buy every release due to space and have had to become a lot more picky, I definitely stand behind this purchase with confidence.  Well that’s all for now, so bye Puddin’.

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