Pullip Laura (Dolly Japan Volume 2 Cover Model)

Groove released a single teaser photo of a new Pullip via their blog last night. Pullip Laura was announced as an upcoming release but no details such as MSRP or release date are known at this time, she is to properly debut at Doll Show 42 (to be held on January 12th, 2015). If I am reading Groove’s blog correctly it seems even if we did not get a Doll Carnival this season, we may still have hope of catching a glimpse of upcoming releases at Doll Show 42 at least.

LauraRoll up, roll up Step into my dark World and prepare to BE amazed by my Gothic Circus Come with me … but BE warned, you May Never want to leave …!. feel Like So

While Groove may not have told us much about the upcoming Pullip Laura we do know  a bit about this gorgeous girl like she is based off the Pullip featured on the cover of Dolly Japan Volume 2. The second volume of Dolly Japan features a couple of articles about Pullip in Europe so it is very fitting that the cover photo is by Laura/Pure_Embers who is an English doll collector/photographer. I absolutely love her photography and the way she styles her dolls!
I actually managed to get a copy of Dolly Japan Volume 2, the doll on the cover is an absolute delight! She is a completely restyled Pullip Seila wearing a gorgeous gothic circus themed outfit by Momolita. Momolita is not stranger to Pullip, she is most known for her work customizing Blythe but her outfits have been featured on the cover of the first Pullip Mook, she has made the outfits for a couple of different Doll Carnival Auction dolls as well as designed the outfit for the very popular Bloody Red Hood Pullip release which was a part of the Creator’s Label Series. The cover doll is definitely a restyled Seila who was originally a Creator’s Label doll but I wonder if things will change a bit or be modified somehow before she is actually released.

Another photo by Laura featured in Dolly Japan Volume 2

Glancing at the photos that inspired the doll in Dolly Japan, I did notice that some aspects of her design had changed her bodice has changed a little it is not as fitted. The gloves have also changed. The Momolita outfit design is quite ambitious so I’m not surprised that things have been changed slightly mass-producing intricate things like this a grand scale must be nightmarish for Groove. The most glaring thing that stands out for me is the wig, the blend does not seem as well mixed in the prototype as on the cover doll.

I definitely can’t wait to see more photos of this girl as well as learn a bit more about her after all her details are announced.

By the way, I totally recommend picking up a copy of Dolly Japan Volume 2 if you are able to it is 150 + pages long and entirely in Japanese but the photography is absolutely beautiful and it features a wide variety of dolls not just Pullips (Momoko, Blythe, Azone, bjd hell I even saw a few Dollfie Dreams mixed in), there are also some patterns in it and a small how to customize Pullip guide.

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