Rozen Maiden x Pullip- Rozen Maiden Case

JPGroove recently listed the Rozen Maiden display case for Pullips on their website, it was released about six years ago to coincide with the release of the original Rozen Maiden x Pullip series. It is quite hard to find now so I was quite surprised to find it for sale again especially at a bargain price. Since this is kind of a rare item, I thought the sudden availability seemed like a good excuse to take photos of mine especially since I apparently have not taken any photos of mine in several years. I bought mine from HLJ many years ago and paid around $50 just to ship it as it weighs nearly 4 kilograms. The design of the case is recreation of the Rozen Maiden dolls’ case in the anime/manga, it has been very faithfully recreated.

Rozen Maiden case with dolls
The case is quite large (17 inches x 5 inches x 12.7 inches), I’ve used it for my Volks SD Suiseiseki before. This thing is incredibly well built, the outside is made of faux leather and it is fully lined.
Rozen Maiden
With less dolls so you can see the case itself better.  It should be noted that Jun Planning/Groove has stated that this is designed as a display case not as a carrying case but I’ve totally used it successfully to carry dolls just be aware that it was not designed for it so there is no way to secure the dolls into place within the case.
Rozen Maiden
Check out that lining! Also Kirakishou looks like a sleeping angel which is a bit out of character for her.
Rozen Maiden
For sense of scale.

I would totally recommend picking up one of these cases while JPGroove still has them if you are fan of the Rozen Maiden Pullips it makes for a great display piece for them. It would work equally well for the old Rozen Maiden collaboration series Pullips/Dals or the more recent collaboration series that came this year (I used dolls from the 2014 Rozen Maiden x Pullip series for the above photos).  How highly do I recommend this thing? As soon as I saw it listed I went ahead and ordered a second case so I could have two of them for display purposes.

Groove currently has the case listed on their website for $60, it’s steal especially since if you are in the US they currently have a free shipping promotion good from now until Christmas Eve.

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6 Responses to Rozen Maiden x Pullip- Rozen Maiden Case

  1. littlelaurasbook says:

    I can’t seem to find the new Rozen Maidens on Pullip Style, but I do see them on Could you link me perhaps?

    • kleintoys says:

      This is a busy time of year for Pullipstyle, lots of people ordering right now so they are probably just waiting on a restock for the Rozen Maiden dolls.

  2. Kumo-Milk says:

    You know another website to order the rozen maiden case? I was searching for so long but just find it on eBay and for 250$ D:

    • kleintoys says:

      The Rozen Maiden case was never rereleased and it’s been like seven years since it was released. I rarely see it pop up on mandarake or Yahoo Japan but shipping is cripplingly expensive (approximately $50) and it’s unfortunately pretty popular so I’d still expect to pay $175-ish after shipping.

  3. tracy says:

    My husband and I have bought two cases a few months ago, they were no less then $250 each shipping included. Expensive and hard to find but both were still in there original boxes and sealed. So for mint its not a bad price, but really they need to do a re-release!

    • kleintoys says:

      I had mentioned that to Groove when they started releasing the newer Rozen Maiden dolls that the cases should be rereleased as so many people have commented on mine over the years but they said that the cases were expensive to produce and were costly to ship so a lot of retailers didn’t even carry them.

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