Momoiro Taisen Pairon Alice Nendoroid

I love Alice in Wonderland, I love it so much that I have a ridiculous amount of stuff from it everything from dolls to Cheshire Cat cookie jar so when I saw this nendoroid I knew I just had to have her! Turns out this particular Alice despite appearances is not from Alice in Wonderland but from Momoiro Taisen Pairon. What is Momoiro Taisen Pairon? Apparently it’s some type of online mahjong game and Alice is one of the avatar type characters you can buy… I’m just going to continue to pretend she is from Alice in Wonderland and put her on my Alice in Wonderland shelf
Alice is a nendoroid figure made by Good Smile Company, she was released in May of 2013 and had a MSRP of 3333 yen. I bought mine via Bigbadtoystore and she had been waiting in my pile of loot to come home for a while, luckily she was one of the few figures that arrived safe and sound others nendoroids weren’t so lucky like Alter Saber and Momoe Nagisa 😦 .
No matter what she is from she is absurdly adorable. I love the level of detail she has and her accessories like the white rabbit staff and her rabbit bag are too cute.
I really wish that she was from Alice in Wonderland and that Good Smile Company did an entire Alice in Wonderland type series of nendoroids, could you imagine a red queen or a white rabbit done up in this style? Or dare I hope a Cheshire Cat?
I’d definitely recommend her as a nendoroid to anyone and especially to fans of Alice in Wonderland or of Momoiro Taisen Pairon.

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2 Responses to Momoiro Taisen Pairon Alice Nendoroid

  1. TrueFan says:

    She is super adorable.

  2. Jane Cherie says:

    She is very cute!!! I think she looks perfect as Alice in Wonderland! I don’t have any Nendoroid although they are mighty cute. I just don’t want to start a new toy addiction >.< If however Good Smile Co. starts a Wonderland series… oh dear, I might have to rethink this resolve!

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