New Rozen Maiden Kirakishou Pullip Re-release

Groove has officially announced a new version of Rozen Maiden Pullip Kirakishou via their blog. The original release of Pullip Kirakishou was limited to 1000 and exclusive to the TBS shop, this time around she is not exclusive to them but they do have exclusive first rights to list the preorder almost a week ahead of everyone else as well as a preorder bonus Jun plush (her listing at the TBS shop can be seen here). The new version of Kirakishou is set for a late July release in Japan (August for us here in the states) and has a MSRP of 16000 yen.

Kirakishou 2014
This ring I vow to kiss kiss vows master … Come on

The 2014 Kirakishou Pullip is based upon her appearance in the Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen anime from last year which was much more faithful to the manga where Kirakishou was a major villain (also Barasuishou doesn’t exist as she was created for the original tv series). It is a very faithful adaption to her appearance in Zurückspulen so she is quite the departure from the original Kirakishou.
Kirakishou 2014
Her stock looks to be nicer quality this time around, the original Kirakishou’s outfit was made of a shiny material and looked kind of cheap but this looks to be a much better quality.
Kirakishou 2014
While she is a great representation of the character, she has turned out to be such a pretty doll that she would do well in just about any collection even if you don’t care for the series/character she makes a lovely lolita.
Kirakishou was one of my favorite characters in Rozen Maiden, I always seem to be drawn to the characters who have absolutely gone mad it seems. Somewhat hilariously, my other favorite character is Hina Ichigo; the two couldn’t be more different and well if you’ve seen the anime/read the manga their relationship ends rather unpleasantly for one of them…
Kirakishou 2014Unlike in the anime the rose is an eye patch and is completely removable to reveal a very pretty face hiding underneath. My only complaint is that I feel like her eyes should have been more intense, Kirakishou has a very crazy personality yet the Pullip gives has generically sweet eyes that fail to convey the insanity lurking inside.

Verdict: I’m definitely not skipping this release, I’m in love! The only way I could have been happier with her is if she had some crazy eyechips, thankfully rechipping is easy enough.

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4 Responses to New Rozen Maiden Kirakishou Pullip Re-release

  1. After reading about these dolls and how they got you into anime, I decided to give the series a chance. From reading about it I assumed it was a maid series, so I was initially very sceptical, but since we share a love for Madoka Magica, I wanted to give it the benefit of doubt.

    So far I’ve watched the first season and half way into the second, and I’m happy to say it turned out to be completely different from what I expected. 🙂
    I’ve loved seeing Jun deal with his depression and life, and I was shocked when they revealed why his sister was behaving so meekly and submissive, she really needed some sort of character development, and I felt the series got lifted when she finally had some sort of revelations about her.

    My favourites are the twins, especially Souseiseki, and Suigintou, who’ve rapidly climbed on my list after season 1’s ending, and her appearance in season 2.

    Thank you for the recommandation, and I’m looking forward to reading your reviews of the coming dolls.
    Hopefully Jun rerelease my favourites too. :o)

    • kleintoys says:

      Rozen Maiden actually got me into dolls not the other way around, the series did rekindle my then waning interest in anime for a time at least though. I fear my taste in anime has grown a bit fickle over the years, I used to watch nearly everything but I’ve slowed down quite a bit now. I had actually completely stopped watching for about a year (none of the newer shows were grabbing my interest and I had watched my old favorites to death) before I got introduced to Rozen Maiden and something about it really sparked my interest.

      Rozen Maiden can be surprisingly deep at times, there is some humor but it’s a compelling story line and it just swept me off my feet. I chose Hina Ichigo as my screen name as I felt very in sync with her character, her character is impossibly cheerful and a bit child-ish but she also has a fear of abandonment she has depth and manages to become a well rounded character.

      I highly recommend the OVA if you like Suigintou, it’s short I think it’s only two episodes but it really lets you see things from her perspective.

      Thanks so much ❤

  2. This new doll is gorgeous!
    When I first started watching the series and reading the manga, I loved Kirakishou almost instantly! She was very mysterious and her design is beautiful. When I had seen all of the anime, it ended with Traumend, Zuruckspulen wasn’t released yet, so I never knew what a bit*h she was until I saw the latest season lol! xD I hated her so much because she ruined everything! Especially in the manga too haha!
    Now about the doll, I actually really love her cutesy face. To me it adds more on the mystery factor and makes her look creepy in a way. Kinda like how the movie industry uses small children in most horror movies. They’re cute, but hella scary o_o

    • kleintoys says:

      I love how she looks like she would be almost angelic yet is definitely a very devilish character. I always favor the crazy ones as they are consistently the most interesting to me.

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