Bits of Pullip News..Also a new Rozen Maiden Pullip Kirakishou?

  • Pullipstyle has opened preorders for the Tan and Fair blank Pullip MIO kits, they are due out later this month.
  • Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Pullip Violetta is now officially in stock on Pullipstyle. Owner photos of Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Pullip Violetta are already starting to pop up online, by all accounts she’s lovely and every photo of her only seems to make me want her more. Sadly I must be patient as I just finished paying Prism Illya MDD and I have a very lovely custom Pullip on layaway so hopefully she will still be around next paycheck.
  • Pullip Hannah will be the next doll featured here, I just finished photographing her earlier today so her post should be up some time this weekend. After her I’ll more than likely feature either  Canele, Varele, Midnight Deja Vu or Tokidoki Lunarosa. Fraulein and Romantic King are also candidates as well for review as well maybe even Yeolume Blackberry. If anyone has any strong feelings about who should be featured next please leave me a comment. Please note I do intend to write a post featuring something other than dolls in between Hannah and whoever ends up being next, I need to play with something other than Pullips occasionally.
  • This last news bit is a big one, I’ve known about this bit of news for a while but it took me a while to properly articulate my thoughts on the matter ^^;. A new version of Rozen Maiden Pullip Kirakishou has been rumored, well more than rumored Groove showed a prototype of her off at a recent doll event (no pictures allowed which means the design probably hasn’t been finalized yet). No information is known about release date or if she will be a limited release like the previous one was. So far there was only been a small blip on Groove’s blog about her here. To read my thoughts on the matter please read on!

    The original release of Pullip Kirakishou was released in September of 2007, she was LE1000 and a TBS shop exclusive. I joined the Pullip community solely to get my hands on her as I was such a fan of Rozen Maiden at the time and if there was any news of her release than I was going to be the first to know it. My due diligence was rewarded I found out where she was exclusive to and I had a friend in Japan preorder her for me at cost, I got lucky.100/365- Kirakishou
    Despite the fact that her character only appears in the original anime for all of eight seconds, the Pullip of Kirakishou has gone on to become a grail to many and commands an astounding price on the secondhand market. The newer Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen series is a lot more faithful to the manga, where Kirakishou is much more of a character and such a gloriously psychotic one at that! Knowing this I can kind of understand why Groove would choose to release a new version of Kirakishou.I’ve had a few people contact me about a new Kirakishou being released in an almost antagonistic way, honestly they are probably going to be disappointed if you were expecting moral outrage (one person even asked if I would be deleting this site over the news O_o). As long as she is like the re-release of Shinku and Suigintou and looks significantly different than the original release then I am pretty indifferent to the idea.
    Despite the fact that they are based on the same character they really don’t look that much alike face up comparison here.
    Suigintou doesn’t even seem to have the skintone anymore. This is what the Regeneration dolls SHOULD have been like; taking an already existing release and updating it by refining it and making it more detailed.So as you can see, I’m really not that worried as I’m sure she will be quite different than the original release and I can almost guarantee you that I’ll more than likely end up buying this one myself. If anything I’m slightly annoyed that Groove is re-releasing another doll instead of doing something more original and unique. It is especially annoying when you take it into consideration that there are some truly amazing prototypes like these two hanging around unproduced for years.

     I may have bought a MIO Dal kit and sent it off to be customized – Meow!

I will admit I will be annoyed if they re-release both Hina Ichigo and Kanaria as Dals as they still haven’t sold out on Pullipstyle yet, this is despite the fact that it’s been seven or eight years since they were released.  Dal releases have become few and far between these days, if there are going to be fewer Dal releases then I  really want and expect that each one to be really special and unique like Heiwa or the two prototypes pictured above.

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13 Responses to Bits of Pullip News..Also a new Rozen Maiden Pullip Kirakishou?

  1. Rosse says:

    Oh I hadn’t heard about the Kirakishou rumour, how exciting! She used to be a grail for me, but I gave up due to her price. However, I don’t like the look of 2014 Shinku and Suigintou at all, so I’m not getting my hopes up even if they do release a new Kira… (but the hope is there… ;))

    • kleintoys says:

      My attitude at this point is wait and see, I love Kirakishou’s character so I’ll likely end up buying her.

  2. Jane Cherie says:

    I am not really surprised but I understand how the doll collectors who bought their grail doll at a very high price may be upset over this re-release (even if she is slightly different). But for newcomers to the hobby, it’s fantastic news. I know I wished Groove would release some of the dolls I like but that’s just me.

    • kleintoys says:

      When I initially read the news I had mixed feelings on it but I have a feeling she is going to end up so different from the original that the original is still going to maintain grail status for many.

  3. Lidia says:

    I was interrested in Kirakishou, but even with a re-release, Pullips are becoming too expensive for me T-T. Could you review Lunarosa next? I still haven’t had that last shove to get her.

  4. Mimi says:

    I would buy the cat dal instantly…. Why has she not been released!!!????

    • kleintoys says:

      Me too! I love both of the Cheshire Cat dals, I ended up buying a MIO Dal kit and sending her off to Myufish to make a hybrid of the two designs.

      I don’t believe there will be any additional Black Butler releases as there haven’t been in a while so the license has likely expired. Personally I wanted one of the maid though I haven’t watched the anime in years and can’t recall her name ^^;

  5. Mimi says:

    I meant to ask….. Will there be any more black butler releases? I was disappointed with sebastian and grell, they should make some models of the servant and Elizabeth!!!

    • kleintoys says:

      Sorry I missed this one because of how much time has passed since the last Black Butler releases I doubt there will be more though the series was very popular.

  6. reitana says:

    I have seen the new kirakishou to me she looks cheaper like as if groove just doesn’t care. Jun planning however may have made some pretty bad quality stuff in the past, but they did put alot more time and effort into their dolls. Groove however if you look at the difference between the old shinku (made by jun planning) and the new shinku (made by Groove) the original shinku’s dress had a under dress and a fluffy thingy idk what it is. But the new one only has an under dress. Sure groove may be putting out stuff that will last longer and the quality is better but really jun planning just makes better looking things. And that is why i’m debating weather or not to get the new kirakishou. Just because she looks cheaper, but i think i might get her just because she will be hard to find in the future. I don’t know.

    • kleintoys says:

      While not the most creative idea, the quality of the Rozen Maiden releases has been higher than on the originals based on my experience with Shinku anyway. Better material was used, she does have crinoline as well to make her skirt floof. I own the original Kirakishou her stock quality was horrible like easily fell apart horrible, the stock on the newer one appears to be much higher quality. I like the new Kirakishou, I plan on getting her even though I already have the original. If you are unsure, I’d wait for owner photos and reviews I plan on reviewing her myself.

      • reitana says:

        Yeah now i think i will wait for owners to review her and show photo’s. At the same time thought i’m scared that she will be out of stalk by the time i get to buying her

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