Various Pullip Updates (Sailor Moon + more)

The first promotional photo of Pullip Sailor Moon has surfaced via SailorMoonCollectibles.
MSRP is still unknown, release date is slated for summer 2014 (no further details on exact date are available). A prototype of Pullip Sailor Moon was on display this past weekend at the AnimeJapan event. I’ll post if any photos from the event surface.

In other Pullip news, Pullips Aira and Kore as well as Dal Silane have been listed up for preorder on Pullipstyle. Pullip Kore and Dal Silane are priced at $109.95 each, Pullip Aira is priced at $144. It is worth noting that Aira is priced the same as Myra was previously and had the highest MSRP of the dolls being released this month. I’m probably going to try and find split partners for Kore and Silane so I can get the dolls but I’m undecided about Aira.

Dilettante’s review and as well as reviews of all the MIO items will be up in the next few days, sorry for the delay it seems like everything in my life just wants to go wrong and everything gets crazy all at once ^^;

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2 Responses to Various Pullip Updates (Sailor Moon + more)

  1. h3artmare91 says:

    She looks gorgeous in this promotional picture~
    Now I may ask my love to pre-order this Pullip
    when a date is given on Sailor Moon x3

  2. LibertyLove says:

    Yay! so excited that Kore has shown up for preorder! I’m not to sure about the quality of Moon’s stock wig though, but this is probably a realy early prototype. I’m really excited for the Dilettante review.
    See you later!

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