Yeolume now available for preorder at Pullipstyle

Great news, everyone Yeolume is now available for preorder at Pullipstyle. Yeolume can be preordered here, she is due approximately the 30th of May and her price is a mere $78 (plus shipping). A second Yeolume named Black berry has just been announced, while she is not yet available for preorder it is worth noting that the original release’s name has been revealed  as Podo.
And… I suppose I should admit that I just preordered Podo myself via Pullipstyle ^^; When she was first announced I didn’t know what to make of her but after spending some time with the production sample, I grew quite fond of her so I’m glad Pullipstyle was able to stock her for sale.

On a personal note, I’m horrible sick at the moment not as sick as I was earlier this week when I ended up in the hospital but I’m not still not well.  What was initially thought to be horrible allergies actually turned out to be several other things instead. There has been significant improvement in my health over the last day so while I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to attend Anime Boston next week, I really can’t say how probable my actually making it there is at this point.

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