The arrival of Vocaloid Snow Miku Pullip

A second version of Vocaloid Pullip Miku was released at Sapporo Winter Festival 2011, this new edition featured a snowy version of Miku much like the nendoroid that was released at Sapporo Winter Festival/Wonder Festival back in 2010. I always loved Snow Miku so I was really super excited that they made her.
206/365 Snow Miku
Snow Miku is limited to 1000, due her to her being so limited I preordered her from ToyMalaysia. At that point I was not sure if Pullipstyle was going to be able to get her or not, of course they put her up for preorder a few days after I went through ToyMalaysia had I known I probably would have waited for them but I did get my Snow Miku about a month earlier than I would have had I gone through PS. If anyone is still looking for Snow Miku, Pullipstyle still has preorders up for their batch that arrives next month.

Snow Miku Snow Miku Snow Miku
Snow Miku comes with a fair bit of winter gear, she even comes with mittens in addition to her scarf and earmuffs/headphones. She also came with little metal-looking snowflakes but I have yet to figure out what those were really for. The quality of the stock outfit is about the same as regular Miku’s stock. I think I may prefer this version of Miku over the normal version.
Snow Miku
I really love her face up, it’s simple but beautiful. I was a bit underwhelmed by regular Miku’s face up so Snow Miku’s face up was a pleasant surprise especially since the promotional photos of her were not that great ^^;
Snow Miku
A word of caution about the leeks, it hasn’t happened with Snow Miku yet but the set that came with the regular version of Miku had paint that chips off really easily so make sure they are handled with care.
Snow Miku
Snow Miku comes with a little snowman friend, he’s very cute but not that well made.
Snow Miku
Photographing such a wintery themed doll was kind of interesting given that it was well over 90 degrees outside while I was doing it. I wanted a wintery background, the closest I could easily find was actually a fleece polar bear blanket that we had got from Sea World years ago. While not ideal, I think the background worked out well enough.
Snow Miku
I love her wig, the blue highlights are pretty damn cool. Her wig is fairly nice and soft, I’m always a bit fearful of longer wigs so I’m taking great care to make sure her wig does not turn into a frizzy hairball of doom.
Snow Miku
More pictures of her on my flickr, hoping to get pictures of her and the regular edition of Vocaloid Pullip Miku later today.

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2 Responses to The arrival of Vocaloid Snow Miku Pullip

  1. Veronika says:

    Is Snow Miku’s hair better than Miku’s?
    I sure hope so.I’ve seen pictures and her hair gets REALLY fizzy -__-

    • kleintoys says:

      I think it may be slightly better but I think it will incline towards frizziness like regular Miku’s eventually. I’m taking great pains to try and keep her wig as nice as possible, I plan on replacing my regular Miku’s wig soon as it is frizzy nightmare even though she has literally just sat on a shelf since I took photos of her.

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