Batman: Arkham Asylum- Poison Ivy and Scarecrow Figures

I happened to go to Wonderland Comics during one of their massive clear out sales recently, all of their toys/figures were 50% so I ended up buying a few things. In addition to a few other things I bought the Scarecrow figure from the first series of Batman Arkham Asylum figures as well as Poison Ivy from the second series.
Originally I had preordered the entire first series of Batman Arkham Asylum as well as spares of Harley Quinn and Joker to keep mint in box but my preorders went unfulfilled so I have been picking them up here and there when I find them in stores. I had, had my eye out for a while for the Scarecrow figure for a while but I hadn’t had any luck finding him so I was very excited to find him on sale.
196/365- Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy
While I knew Poison Ivy was due out soon I hadn’t realized she had been released yet (turns out she had been released just that past Wednesday). Poison Ivy was the only figure I ever really wanted from the second series, I’m not a big Bane or Zsaz fan and I think the chin protector on the armored Batman suit is downright silly so I’m not really keen on them but if they had released a Killer Croc figure instead of Bane I would have bought him without a moment’s hesitation.

The Scarecrow sections of Batman: Arkham Asylum were some of my favorites, they offered both an interesting glimpse into Batman’s psyche as Scarecrow’s fear gas helped open Batman up a bit as well as an interesting challenge to actually get through (especially on hard mode).
Arkham Asylum Scarecrow
The Scarecrow figure is pretty awesome, he is sufficiently creepy and is fairly poseable. His sculpt especially of his face mask are really well done especially for a DC Direct figure, the detailing is really nice.

Poison Ivy
Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy’s design in the game was a bit bizarre, I actually really love it when she is featured in her more plant-like form her outfit is just kind of well odd especially since she is just kind of wearing an Arkham Asylum shirt and nothing else (plant modesty protection activate!).
Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy
Much to my delight, this picture was actually featured on Poeghostal site as a picture of the day last week.
Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy
She is well sculpted, but her paint job is a bit sloppy (her eyes are kind of misaligned). I wish she was a bit more poseable, I know they wanted to minimize ugly joints but it made it really hard to really play with her.
Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy

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