191/365 Pretty Pullip Paja

I recently purchased a KeelyVH wa-loli kimono for Pullip when it popped up for sale secondhand. I was absolutely in love with the pattern but I had no idea who would end up it, the pretty Jaja quickly stepped forward to claim it.
191/365- Jaja
Jaja is an obitsued and rewigged Pullip Paja.

The kimono was perfect for her, the coloring really seems to suit her well I can’t think of another Pullip that could have pulled this outfit off better.
Jaja was one of three dolls that I got in a trade a little earlier in the year although I haven’t taken many photos of her yet she is definitely a favorite of mine.

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3 Responses to 191/365 Pretty Pullip Paja

  1. I love that on her, she looks lovely

  2. Edhola says:

    I want Paja !
    And her kimono is wonderful and has look great!

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