157/365- Pullip Veritas

Last week, full-scale replicas of the Nina and the Pinta visited an extremely close port so we decided to go and check them out. Of course, with ships this close to home and all, I decided to bring along a pirate with me namely my Pullip Veritas.
157/365- RRRRR!
Pullip Veritas was released way back in November of 2007, I’ve had her pretty much since her release. I have a great fondness for pirates so of course, I couldn’t resist her.

The name Veritas is actually Latin, it means truth I liked her stock name so much I decided to keep it.
Veritas is actually fairly rare these days, she has always been kind of popular but never wildly popular like say, Prunella I almost theorize that they may have made a lesser amount of her than other releases.
I love my Veritas but I haven’t taken many pictures of her lately so I thought taking her out to see the ships would be a good excuse to get some more photos of her.

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1 Response to 157/365- Pullip Veritas

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    She looks lovely 🙂 I always really liked Veritas, but I must admit I think it’s her stock that I love the most.

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