Pullip Meet @Animadness June 18th

Animadness is hosting another Pullip meet on Saturday June 18th, the meet starts at 1pm and goes until whenever. Animadness will be running a special during the meet, all dolls will be 10% off and they will even come with a free re-ment. There will be photo areas (this meet’s theme is camping), group pictures of dolls as well as a time for buy/sell/trading/swap with other collectors.
Animadness Pullip meet!
Photo by Catcraig
While it is a Pullip meet, all other doll types (bjd, blythe, dollfie dream, etc) are eagerly  welcomed. You are even welcome if you do not own a doll and just wish to see some in person out of idle curiosity.

I’ll be attending, I will have a small army of Pullips and company in tow as well as a dollfie dream, a bjd and a blythe. I should even have my custom Duela Dent Pullip by then. Hopefully I’ll have a new lens for my bloody camera by then.

Pictures from past Animadness meets behind the cut
Wall of dolls
63/365 Animadness Meet

Example of swap stuff
Swap stuff


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2 Responses to Pullip Meet @Animadness June 18th

  1. holly says:

    Looks wonderful, wish I could be there 🙂

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    My doll collection is quite small but I’m very happy with it so far. If I ever get another Pullip I’ll probably get a nude 2nd hand gal. I find I have a lot more fun getting Pullips where their original look isn’t so beautiful that I just want to preserve them as-is

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