138/365 Dead or Alive Ayane Figure

I’ve always been a huge Dead or Alive fan, I fondly remember playing the first game back when it was in the arcade and have subsequently been enjoying pretty much all of the games (I don’t have the newest one for the 3DS but I think I have all the others) . Ayane has always been my favorite character, I loved both her quick fighting style and her personality. Unfortunately there have not really been that much Ayane merchandise, this particular figure had caught my interest a few times and I think I may have even had it preordered at one point but somehow I never ended up getting it. I found it this past year at Anime Boston on sale for 50% off ($40) so I finally took the plunge.
138/365 Ayane Figure

I love that the figure is of her in her default outfit, it really attracted me to it because there are not many decent figures of her wearing this outfit. My complaint is with the pose which is a tad odd, thankfully she is adequate support so she hasn’t become a leaner (at least yet).
One other complaint related to the pose, this figure ends up taking up a lot space on a shelf especially with how overcrowded some of my shelves are that is a definite downer but I managed to find space for her eventually.
The sculpt is actually quite nice, especially for a Kotobukiya figure

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4 Responses to 138/365 Dead or Alive Ayane Figure

  1. Avalon says:

    The pose is rather odd, it looks like she’s posed for one of those character pillows you see. I do love the flow of the pose and her expression is lovely.

    • kleintoys says:

      You raise a good point, I had no thought of. The pose is creative but it makes a lot more sense only if she is laying flat versus standing upright.

      • Avalon says:

        I’ve seen one or two figures about that actually started life as character pillows…where they had them standing up. Some of them dont work too well though.
        I do enjoy this figure though, as I said the flow is nice and gives the impression she could just be moving oddly. But yes, it would make more sense if she was lying flat. XD

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    I’ve always wanted to see an Alter/Max Factory figure of this character in this outfit

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