136/365- Pop! Heroes revisited

I’ve featured some of my Pop! Superheroes before but since then my little army of them has grown so I decided to feature them again. After playing with them last time, I ended up going back and ordering Robin, Penguin and Batgirl.I have no plans to get anymore from the second series but I do have Two-Face preordered from the third series.
136/365- Pop! Superheroes
I love how absurdly adorable Funko has managed to make all these characters. I’m also super happy about their price point- I think the most I have paid for one so far was $10. The paint quality on them could be a little better but that is my only complaint.

The good guys- Robin, Batman and Batgirl
Robin, Batman and Batgirl

The bad guys- Riddler, Joker and Penguin
Riddler, Joker and Penguin

Although I never thought this would happen, I must admit of the three newest arrivals the Penguin is my favorite. I love the mix of the Penguin’s pointy nose, the monocle and the top hat. Batgirl is awesome and I find breasts on these figures to be quite hilarious, something about the proportions makes me giggles in a way it kind of reminds me of some of my female action figures from when I was a kid when they just reused the male body and slapped a set of boobs of them. Robin’s cute but he just isn’t as striking as the others to me somehow.
Penguin Batgirl Robin

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