134/365- Nosferatu Taeyang

Although Nosferatu was the very first doll purchased for my birthday (I knew he was coming) he was the last I opened. Nosferatu was a part of the Vampire set of pullip and company released early last year. Of course the obvious question is wait he’s a vampire, shouldn’t he come with fangs? while he did come with stick-on fangs but they were pretty silly looking so I just tossed them.
135/365- Nosferatu Taeyang
He reminded me a bit of Alucard from Castlevania: Sympathy of the Night (showing my age) so I decided to name him Alucard, in retrospect I could have just as easily named him after Alucard of Hellsing but no.

One of his most striking features is that he is noticeably pale, while there are a number of extremely pale pullips he is by far the palest taeyang.
I love his bewitching blue eyes. I’m notably less fond of his sparkly pants that look more figure-skater than vampire so most of the pictures I took of him were from the chest up.
Most pictures of him here

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7 Responses to 134/365- Nosferatu Taeyang

  1. Avalon says:

    Your comment about his pants actually made me giggle snort.
    His eyes are lovely! And I think he looks better without the fangs. I never understood the whole fangs showing with closed lips thing my self.

    • kleintoys says:

      They are glittery bell bottoms, they have no business on a vampire lol. The fangs showing with closed lips is one things but these things are also like comically oversized so it is so much fail >_<

      • Avalon says:

        Oh dear, it’s a shame a lot of vampire dolls and their makers feel the need to show the fangs to make them a vampire. We can use out imaginations! Oversized overbite fangs are no fun! XD

  2. Avalon says:

    Also, do his eyes have clock hands in them?

  3. Tomboy says:

    I know what you mean about his fangs!

    I just got him today and i love him and all but his fangs are the worst. the double sided tape and the refusal to just stick on. i had to get them on tough just to see it. its alright. though i will se the red fangs for the necks of his victims and lovers. purr.

    Anyway, did you have troubles with his clothes? i had my brother put on his coat after me working it for 30 minutes. and that sleeve thing looks cool but still is wierd. oh well

    i named mine Vulcan, or lucas for short. i know wierd that i made the connection but it works in my mind.

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