133/365- Hermine Byul

As much as I hate to admit it, I actually like byul. At first she was something interesting and different, and well now it seems I have been getting more excited about the new byul releases than the dal releases ^^; I decided to take some pictures of my byul Hermine, whom I have named Petunia (a lot of my byul’s have names that start with the letter P). She was part of an Innocent World fashion collaboration but I bought her nude so she came without her frilly stock.
133/365- Petunia
Petunia isn’t new, I’ve actually had her for quite a while now (December-ish?) but I never took many pictures of her and none of them were that good so I resolved to feature her in my 365 toy project. Her outfit is partially blythe stock and partially handmade by Requiemart

Byul lips almost make it look like Petunia is trying to blow a kiss.
Byul definitely has a very unique facesculpt, at first I hated it but it is grown on me so much now… I almost want to see a byul-only photo contest.

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