130/365- Tsumugi Nendoroid

Tsumugi is both the last of the nendoroids that I received for my birthday as well as the last of the K-on basic nendoroids that I needed to complete the cast.Tsumugi is a very sweet girl and she makes for an adorable nendoroid.
130/365- Tsumugi Nendoroid
I love how thick her trademark eyebrows are on the nendoroid, as much as I would love to see Dollfie Dreams of some of the other K-on characters I am not quite sure how her eyebrows would work out on a DD.
Tsumugi Nendoroid
Ever since I got the Yui Dollfie Dream, I had the intention to eventually have all the K-on nendoroids set up with their respective instruments and take a picture of DD Yui towering over them as they play for her. I am now one step closer to that goal, actually I can now achieve the goal as soon as I get some of that mythological free time I am always hearing about.

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2 Responses to 130/365- Tsumugi Nendoroid

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I didn’t care all that much for season 1 of the anime, but when I read the K-On! manga I found I liked the easy going story pace of K-On! MUCH better as a manga. I’m hoping as I continue to read the manga that I won’t regret passing on all the Alter figures.

    • kleintoys says:

      K-on is something I can just watch an episode or two of at a time otherwise the pace of the story wears a bit thin for me ^^; I’ve got the nendoroids and the one DD and I’m pretty happy with them.

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