129/365- Pukifee Ante

My Pukifee Ante has actually been here since my birthday but I have yet to introduce her properly just yet. I had been quite interested in Pukifee Ante since she was announced but had been hesitant as she was a new size bjd for me and I dislike having only one doll in a size range (I feel like they get lonely without any friends their size ^^;). Fortunately for me, or should I say unfortunately for my wallet Pukifee Luna and Pukifee Pong were announced as Alice and White Rabbit respectively and well I never could resist anything Alice in Wonderland related.  Since I now have Luna and Pong, Ante would not be an oddball anymore so I ordered her as a basic with the intention to give her a wonderland makeover as well.
129/365 Queenie
Ante still doesn’t have a proper name yet but I’ve taken to calling her Queenie for now.

I have a very special fondness for Antes, my first bjd was a Littlefee Ante (Marie) and I also have the Pukipuki version of Ante as well (Mariette), I guess it was only a matter of time before I got the Pukifee Ante. I’m torn about whether or not I want Fairyland to release a Minifee Ante, as I would absolutely love it and have to own it.
Queenie’s dress was purchased off of Etsy from Catwalkangel’s store, it’s very nice quality and was quite affordable. I made her fur wig out of some spare fur I had lying around, eventually I plan for her to have a red fur wig with a black streak the white is just temporary. The hat/crown came with a custom pullip and it has an unknown maker ^^;
I still adore Ante’s face sculpt, it’s seriously one of my favorite bjd sculpts ever much like my favorite Pullip Papin I never get bored looking at pictures of her.

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3 Responses to 129/365- Pukifee Ante

  1. Avalon says:

    XD I JUST ordered a LittleFee Ante yesterday (my first fairyland doll fwee!) So coming here gave me a rush when I saw your pukifee in her amazing outfit. Her hat is just brilliant!

    A Minifee Ante would be amazing to see.

  2. LadyNight says:

    She’s adorable! I’ve just ordered my first BJD a couple of weeks ago and it was a Pukifée Ante 🙂

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