Anime Boston Con Report and 112/365

Requiemart and I attended Anime Boston yesterday, unlike last year where we both attended but only sort of. Last year we both helped out at different booths (she was at Animadness and I was at Toyslogic ) so we didn’t really get to do a whole hell of a lot else. This year attendance at Anime Boston was strictly for fun or maybe a bit of sport.
IAnime Boston 2011
These were two of my favorite cosplayers, I mean I love Joker but this guy was really selling it haha and Poison Ivy’s lukewarm reception of him was perfect.
Tons more pictures behind the cut

This girl cosplaying Dead Master was the only Black Rock Shooter cosplayer I found yesterday, I was honestly kind of surprised there were not more. I was really impressed with this girl’s cosplay and her bad ass scythe.
Anime Boston 2011
I had seen these three wandering around a few times with an even larger group of Sailor Moon characters but only managed to get a picture of these three together. I felt really bad for Sailor Uranus who I did not get a picture of but whose boots looked to be the most painful footwear ever.
Anime Boston 2011
Cute Chii of Chobits cosplayer with Atashi plush and her picture book.
Anime Boston 2011
Adorable Mei-lin cosplayer from Cardcaptor Sakura, thought she was Kotoko from Chobits at first glance ^^; I never really noticed how similar their character designs are until yesterday.
Anime Boston 2011
A trio of Magic Knight Rayearth cosplayers their costumes were amazing, all they were missing was a Mokona.  Umi on the left, Hikaru in the center and Fuu on the right; I believe this is one of their final release outfits but it has been a very long time since I have read/watched Magic Knight Rayearth so my recollection is foggy. I think I may have just had a soft spot for this trio because Zilla recently cosplayed at a local event as Hikaru and won first prize.
Anime Boston 2011
I saw a fair number of Harley Quinn cosplayers this year, I think this one might be favorite though because of the giant mallet.
Anime Boston 2011
I even found an Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn, it just kind of reminds me that I still can’t find anyone willing to do the Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn’s pullip costume.
Anime Boston 2011
Another Chii cosplayer, one great thing about Chii is she has a lot of different outfits so even if you see a dozen different Chii at a convention it’s very rare to see them all wearing the same outfit.
Anime Boston 2011
I wasn’t quite sure who he was at first but this Deadpool cosplayer was pretty awesome, the couple of times I bumped into him he was always doing something hilarious like moonwalking.
Anime Boston 2011
I saw quite a few different Yoko this year, I only saw one Nia though sadly I never managed to catch up to her for pictures 😦
Anime Boston 2011
In fact, there were so many Yoko cosplayers that I managed to get one in the background while I was photographing another one.
Anime Boston 2011
Anime Boston 2011
There were a few other Yokos that I neglected to get pictures of ^^;

Batman and Robin cosplayers, this pair were really good.
Anime Boston 2011
Anime Boston 2011

Random Dealer Room shots
Anime Boston 2011
Animadness’ booth was swamped every time I walked by it.
Anime Boston 2011
Toylogic’s booth was also pretty busy, managed to say hi to Ravenleaf and Ivy though 😀

Pictures from the Doll Meet
Anime Boston 2011
Anime Boston 2011
There was even a set of MDDs at the bjd meet, both girls were very cute.
Anime Boston 2011

And the swag, well not quite all of it but at the same time I didn’t buy all that much this year ^^;
112/365- Loot
The one thing I had really, really wanted was the Black Rock Shooter figma. I had a bit of a hard time finding it, I finally got it from Toyslogic- it was their only one. I had been wanting the Dead or Alive Ayane figure for a while, and I managed to find it for a reasonable price so I thought why not?.. Do I regret not getting more? Not really I could have bought more but there was not all that much that I wanted (the maid Asuka figure-which I didn’t find and the animation version of Dead Master which I found in a few places but was too high in my opinion) and there is kind of a Volks lottery at the end of the month, which I need to conserve funds for. I neglected to photograph them but I did also get an Anime Boston tshirt and two art prints. This year was my first time actually venturing into the Artist Alley, I found a print of Harley Quinn playfully undressing and another of a group shot of Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Catwoman. I need to take pictures of them once I get them framed and hung up (I already framed the group picture).

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8 Responses to Anime Boston Con Report and 112/365

  1. Deadpool (Jim) says:

    Hey so like I was there as Deadpool, the one struttin’ with all the swag seen from MVC3 (ya know? the best Deadpool at AB ’11), so yeah that first Yoko pic posted, yeah her, the one with the nice boobies, she was totally into me when our paths crossed. ❤ Too bad I couldn't find her again after she invited me up to that party in her room. </3 I don't think I could recognize her outside the convention with her clothes on… Time to "Click" and "Save Image As"!

  2. Deadpool (Jim) says:

    Yup That’s meee! Doin’ the Moon Walk! And yeah… Yoko will be missed. But as you said… there’s always next year! =P

    • kleintoys says:

      Added you, congrats you are the only non-Batman character that is not a cute girl (Tuxedo Mask doesn’t count as he is with cute girls) featured in this post now 😛

      It seems the number of Yokos multiply each year, at this rate there should at least be a dozen or so next year. I was honestly shocked I didn’t see a single similarly scantily clad Black Rock Shooter this year.

  3. Deadpool (Jim) says:

    Any chance gettin that pic of me up on this page? Perhaps above Yoko’s? Pwetty Pweassse! With Sugar on top? 😉

  4. nathaniel christopher bruck says:

    the rayearth cosplayers look better second time around, to bad i was not here so we could have gotten a photo of anna with them. the yoko with full size sniper rifle is pretty awesome. the bjd with demon feet will haunt my dreams. the dynamic duo seamed to be going a really good job, very life like.

  5. nathaniel christopher bruck says:

    wait! that is a chick robin. holy boobs batman!

  6. nathaniel christopher bruck says:

    joker looks like the key of awesome guy

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