113/365- Pullip Papin and some leftover doll meet pictures from yesterday ^^;

Almost caught up! I just recently happened to treat my DD Asuka to a wa-loli kimono from KeelyVH, I had no way of knowing that I was expecting a pullip sized wa-loli kimono as well. I was gifted this gorgeous kimono by Requiemart as a belated birthday present. Even in miniature KeelyVH’s work is astounding.
I was told the kimono was for a member of the rainbow mafia (my many, many Papins) so I decided Butterfly should have it. Butterfly was actually my very first Papin purchased way back in 2007, it’s so weird to think she is sold out now back then there always seemed to be a handful available for sale at all times secondhand. On a long enough timeline, I think each member of the rainbow mafia may need their own kimono.

Papin’s still my favorite stock pullip, I never tire of just looking at her.

Since Requiemart lives closer to Boston than I, I left my car at her house while we carpooled to Anime Boston after we got done for the day we had a mini doll meet.
After Anime Boston
Requiemart’s Noir and faux Noir recently got a lovely set of matched wa-loli kimonos (also by KeelyVH).
After Anime Boston
One of Requiemart’s newest customs, she is being donated to Puddle as a raffle doll, the funds raised by the raffle are being donated to charity. Her outfit was also made by KeelyVH. You can read more about her here.
After Anime Boston
This was the original doll that Requiemart was going to donate alas she terrified everyone a bit too much, who would have guessed so many people were afraid of clowns ^^;
After Anime Boston
Picture of Puddles and my Lala, Concussion who was the pullip I ended up bringing with me to Anime Boston.

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3 Responses to 113/365- Pullip Papin and some leftover doll meet pictures from yesterday ^^;

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    That putfit is spectacular! It really looks lovely

  2. nathaniel christopher bruck says:

    the kimono is very nice

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