51/365- More Nendoroids Please!

I haven’t been buying anime figures lately; I used to buy anime figures quite frequently but I started to focus more on dolls and increasingly lost interest in figures especially with rapidly rising prices and my overall lack of space in the apartment for more figures. Lately, I have been having a bit of an itch and been looking at more anime figures as well as pinky street lately. I decided to go ahead and order two pinky street, only I hate to pay as much for shipping as for the item itself so I decided adding a nendoroid to the order wouldn’t hurt. One nendoroid quickly turned into two and well then it seemed silly not to get a third one as well.  51/365- Buy more nendoroids or else!
For those curious, I ended up ordering the Feena Fam Earthlight nendoroid as well as Azusa and Komugi both from K-on!. Soon after I made my order I really began looking at more recent anime figure releases that I had missed out on and made some massive additions to my wishlist on Myfigurecollection.net. I’m considering buying some more figures next month but I will wait until I get these in and see how much fun I have playing with them before I go too nuts.
Maritan Saber rawr Saber Lily

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2 Responses to 51/365- More Nendoroids Please!

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Any particular figures you have in mind? Lately there haven’t been too many nendos announced that were ones I wanted, but I saw the back of a Nadia nendo in some WonFes pics and look forward to ordering her.

    • kleintoys says:

      There are a lot of nendoroids I want right now – Fate, Nanoha, Theia, Jiet-tan, Sanae, Dead Master, Haru-chan, the newer Suzumiya and there are a couple of Miku I still don’t have yet. I’ve seen prototype shots of Flonne and Etna from Disgaea which are absolute must get for me. Others that are coming out soon that interest me are Kudo, Sendo Erika and the Panty & Stockings girls. I think the Nadia is only a petite but I would be interested in her too regardless.

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