50/365 Get- Bianca Pullip

Pullip Bianca arrived earlier in the week alongside my Mikuru Dollfie Dream. Unlike Mikuru who received a warm welcome from her counterpart Suzumiya, Bianca received somewhat of a chilly reception from her counterparts the Noir triplets (Anarchy, Mayhem and Madness).
Bianca is a limited edition pullip, she is designed to be a light version of the super popular Noir pullip. She was only available through Magma Heritage, a doll shop in Singapore. Bianca, was the first of the three Magma Heritage exclusive pullips; all of the Magma Heritage exclusives were essentially palette swaps (plus some slight variations in wig length) of a regular release Nero/Oren, Moon/Mitzi and Noir/Bianca.

Now unto the details…

This is actually my second Bianca, I previously bought a nude one off of eBay years ago hoping I would find her stock for sale at a later date and time. Her stock never popped up for sale alone so I kind of gave up and bought a second one NRFB. I will more than likely rehome my original Bianca in the near future.
This Bianca is number 157/600. She is in remarkable despite her age, she hasn’t yellow at all which is a common concern with older pullips.
Bianca Bianca Bianca
She is absolutely minty and perfect.
Despite being limited, Bianca was never a popular as her non-limited counterpart Noir. In some ways, she doesn’t really live up to Noir. Like Noir she is heterochromiac but Noir’s eyes are brown and blue while Bianca’s are less obvious green and blue. Their stocks are palette swaps of each other’s. While she is gorgeous Bianca just seems to pale in comparison to Noir.
Of course, Bianca is an absolutely gorgeous doll and I adore her whole-heartedly
Noelle Noelle Noelle

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5 Responses to 50/365 Get- Bianca Pullip

  1. Gina C. says:

    If you decide to re-home your other Bianca, I would be very interested to adopt her.

    • kleintoys says:

      Hi, I will be listing her up later in the week. She is not as minty mint as this one is as I bought her preloved myself. Their are some pictures of her on my flickr, I need to take more recent photos of her for sale purposes though ^^;

    • kleintoys says:

      Probably tomorrow or Thursday, depends if I get home earlier enough to get pictures tomorrow. I can shoot you an email if you want once I have pictures.

  2. Gina C. says:

    That would be great. I’m just starting on my collection & I’m loving it.

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