27/365 Blu (Cinnamoroll Doll)

We, here on the east coast got another serious helping of  snow in the past few days. I decided to take advantage of the powdery white stuff and go out and play in it as well as take some pictures. I decided to take one of my twin Cinnamorolls out with me to play in the snow as she matched the winter clothes I scavenged from one of my blythes best.
27/365 Blu Cinnamoroll Dal
We have had so much snow lately that we are running out of places to put it all, it is piled up higher than myself in a lot of places now. In the picture below you can see my childhood swing set poking out of the snow.
Blu in the snow

Cinnamoroll was always one of my favorite dals, I loved her since I saw her promotional photos. In fact, I loved her promotional photos so much I actually preordered two of them my Cinna twins: Blu and Mint. Mint is named after the character from Galaxy Angel and shares her joy of cosplaying (ie. I dress her up in various anime doll’s clothing). Blu was always one of my favorite dals I even built her own  otaku room at one point.
Cinnamoroll also sold out somewhat recently on pullipstyle a lot of different dolls (Papin, Prunella, Rot-chan, Drta, Shinku, Sebastian, Hello Kitty, Suigintou, Filato, Edward and more shockingly Eos) seemed to be sell out all at once. Realistically most of the releases are older from 2006/2007 so it isn’t surprising that they did sell out it was just surprising that it all seemed to happen at once. Cinnamoroll was always one of the most popular dals so it doesn’t surprise me that she was one of the dals to sell out honestly. It seems kind of funny to me, that a dal I can remember preordering (and preordering two of her at that) is suddenly considered rare.

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