26/365 Puffy Ami Yumi Ninja Toys

I’m not quite sure where these came from, I theorize they came from Wizzywig during one of my trips to Michigan but I found them in my bedroom while cleaning and hadn’t seen them before so I decided to feature them. They are from Puffy Ami Yumi cartoon that was Cartoon Network a couple years back, I actually liked the show and have a few random dvds (I seem to remember buying fairly large plushes of Ami and Yumi too) from it.  One of my favorite episodes was the ninja episode where they become ninjas kind of ^^; Instead of the dehydrated monkey ninja master they have Hello Kitty as their ninja teacher.
26/365 Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi & Hello Kitty Ninja Training

I have the Costume Adventure set the back of the box tells me there is also a world tour bus playset and Ami/Yumi rocker set. This set came with a total of six snap-on outfits for the girls  and the girls both have a gimmick where if you press the top of their head their faces changes between two expressions.

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