18/365 & 22/365- Comics stuff

I’m attempting to play catch up after taking a little bit of a break from my blogging duties here. I am basically in the process of rearranging my entire apartment at the moment and that is taking up most of my time/energy.   I figured I should combine these two posts in particular as they are both related to comics to save myself time ^^;
18/365 Comics shelf
This was my comics shelf as of last week, it has since been moved. This shelf is just part of a much larger Joker display where I have all my various Joker and Harley Quinn figures.  I have since moved this entire arrangement up to my doll room after much careful debate as I did not wish to leave it where it had been in the hall and it was considered unacceptable for it to be moved into my bedroom (the doll room was the only other place I would have the space for it).

I used to read comics when I was younger, I had a great deal of affection for the Joker then but my grandmother was not so keen on my reading comics that did not feature Barbie so all my old comics got boxed up and I theorize given to my male cousins. I started getting into comics again after seeing Dark Knight in theaters, my primary focus is on Joker-centric comics but I have branched out a little.
22/365 Riddler
I do periodic trade paperback orders through books-a-million and I also have a pull box at my local comic book store, Arkham Asylum. During my last trip to Arkham Asylum they happened to have the Pop!Heroes Riddler figure so I picked him up to go with my Joker. I’m considering getting Batgirl and Batman but those are the only other two I am interested in the first line (although it has occurred to me that an army of the clown prince would be pretty awesome).

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