17/365 Vocaloid Miku Figure & More Vocaloid Pullip Release Pictures

With all the hype and excitement about the Vocaloid collaboration with pullip lately, I thought it appropriate to use one of my many Miku figures for the picture of the day for yesterday.
17/365- Vocaloid Miku Figure
The original Good Smile Company Miku figure is still one of my favorite Miku figures, second only to the Volks figure of her.

While we are on the subject of Vocaloid, Groove Inc released some more pictures of the upcoming releases so I thought it appropriate to share them in this post.
5363624271_83c09366b4 5363594121_60b07016b4 5363624271_83c09366b4
Tons more pictures behind the cut…

Vocaloid Miku Pullip
Here’s Miku replicating the cover pose from the first volume of Vocaloid.
I’m still very excited about Miku, although her boots are looking a bit dubious (something about the toe on them just seems off construction-wise). It has been revealed that she does in fact come with two leeks for double leek whacking power.

Vocaloid Rin and Len Dals
Rin and Len replicating the pose from the second volume of Vocaloid.

Vocaloid Len Dal
Len actually comes with his keytar.
The more pictures I see of him the more I wonder just how they are going to package him to accommodate that hair.

Vocaloid Rin Dal
Rin comes with a microphone, it seems a little like she got a bit shafted in the accessories department compared to Miku and Len.
I really love Rin as a dal.

And in case anyone was wondering, I myself preordered two Miku as well as a Rin and a Len ^^;

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