Pukipuki Ante Inroduction

My Fairyland pukipuki Ante bjd has actually been here for a few weeks but I have never properly introduced her here.

Fairyland Littlefee Ante Marie was actually my first bjd, I absolutely loved Ante’s face mold so when an Ante pukipuki was announced I eagerly ordered her. Fairyland even gave her an outfit very similar to the original Ante’s full set outfit, so I was doomed. It seemed fitting that I order her as a full set even though none of my other pukipukis were ordered that way because the outfit was so close to my Littlefee Ante’s. I decided to name her Mariette after my Littlefee Ante Marie.
Unfortunately, the stock was  really overwhelming and kind of bulky on the petite pukipuki’s frame so I haven’t photographed her much in it yet.
I changed her into some Kelly (little sister of Barbie) clothing today and took some pictures.
She makes such a sweet little angel.

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