365 Doll Project #14

The last few weeks have been a blur of doll activity ^^; I have also been very busy keeping up with the 365 doll project. This past week, I had two additional members of the rainbow mafia show up Fiction as pictured below as well as a NRFB Papin I will debox at my leisure.

#101 Tamago
101/365 Tamago
Model- Dal- Hanaayame
Name- Tamago
Mods- None
Bio- Tamago is a maiko, she is in the process of becoming a geisha. She has a hard time coming to grips with the traditional demands of her profession and the realities of the modern day. Although she does want to be a geisha she wishes the demands were less severe and that the life of a geisha was more liberal. She drives her okiya Yuuko mad by resisting training and dying her hair strange colors.

#102 Fiction
102/365 Fiction
Model- Pullip-Papin
Name- Fiction
Mods- None (probably getting rewigged at some point)
Bio- Fiction is a pathological liar. Basically if she is talking she is lying, she is not to be trusted. She lies with such conviction that she is able to trick people into believing stuff they know to be false ie. the sky outside is a lovely shade of green, isn’t it?. Fiction is probably not even her real name but a favorite alias. Even the other members of the rainbow mafia have a hard time getting straight answers out of her. Her specialty is deception as well as impersonation, she can impersonate any other member of the rainbow mafia with ease as well as people outside of the rainbow mafia. She very much has her own agenda within the rainbow mafia and is only helping out until it is no longer convenient for her to do so. She frequently irks the rest of the rainbow mafia with her antics but she does truly seem fond of them especially Tangent.

When not lying through her teeth Fiction is very physically active. She especially loves to Rollerblade.

#103 Persephone
103/365 Persephone
Model- Pullip-Blanche
Name- Persephone
Mods- None
Bio- Capable of traveling between the world of the living and the dead, heaven and hell she is Persephone. She must not interfere with anything wherever she goes no matter how great or terrible. She must simply observe everything without every really getting a chance to interact with anyone. She is very lonely because of how cut off she is from every other living being.

#104 Shiori
104/365 Shiori
Model- Pullip-Xiao Fan
Name- Shiori
Mods- None
Bio- On the surface she seems like a sweet girl but she is very vain and is obsessed with gossip. Shiori is a bit of a hypocrite, she loves watching a good drama from the sidelines. She never gets directly involved in the drama herself but she also looks down on those who would participate in it . She loves reading Scandal’s blog.

#105 – Yuuko
Yuuko 105/365
Model- Pullip-Youtsuzu
Name- Yuuko
Mods- None
Bio- A prim and proper young geisha. She takes great pride in her lady-like refinement and her regal appearance. Tamago is Yuuko’s apprentince, Tamago frequently tries Yuuko’s patience with her wild antics.

#106- Cossette
106/365 Cossette
Model- Pullip-Principessa
Name- Cossette
Mods- None
Bio- Cossette is quite ruthless and cunning, she is always plotting something whether it be a rival’s downfall or a merciless prank on others. Cossette and her twin sister Claudia are rarely seen apart and most people can not tell them apart. The twins have great fun with their identical appearances claiming that the other is really the evil twin even though they are both rotten to the core. She has a warped sense of humor and takes particular delight in pulling pranks on her naiive cousin Annabel Lee as well as poisoning Annabel Lee’s younger sister Camille against her.

Camille and Cossette are frequent cohorts of Anarchy’s. Anarchy doesn’t entirely trust the twin sisters but they do provide her with great amusement.

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