How many DD can you squeeze into a phonebooth?

I’m in the middle of a cleaning spree as the apartment was rather most unfortunate at the moment ^^; I work as well as take care of a very active 2 year old by myself- cleaning  other than the play area where zilla and I mostly hangout was not a huge priority for me. That is not mentioning the fact, that somehow I never got proper home economics type lessons it’s embarrassing but I would never make it as a housewife …I regularly set fire to things in the kitchen and had only the vaguest idea of how to turn the vacuum cleaner on. Most of the clutter in the apartment is ironically shipping supplies from the stuff I get in ^^;
The DDs are most displeased with me at the moment >_<
Normally about 1/2 of the dollfie dreams hang out in the living room sitting on the couch, I was cleaning the living room yesterday though so I thought they would be a little safer upstairs in the doll room. I put them all in the glass case I bought for my dollfie dreams a while ago, it was never ideally supposed to hold more than 6 at a time preferably only 4. 8 was really pushing it but I managed to get all 13 in as I thought it was the safest spot for them in the apartment at the time.
Top shelf
I am painfully aware that I need to get back to Ikea and get 2-3 more of these cases unfortunately I can’t until I get some help. My apartment starts on the 4th floor and the doll room is on the 6th floor somehow I do not see myself being able to carry one of these all the way up there on my own, I can lift a fair bit for a girl especially of my size (4’10) but the bulk and overall awkwardness of the boxes it probably just would not work out so well for your humble narrator here.
Bottom Shelf
Most of the girls that normally hang out in the living room have retaken their place on the couch, except for Yoko (alpha) who is happily chilling on my desk at the moment.

It was pretty tight in the case, but I find myself wondering if I could have actually fit a 14th DD in there if I had really wanted to… Not that I have DD #14 the supposed last of the year in the mail or anything…

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2 Responses to How many DD can you squeeze into a phonebooth?

  1. nathan says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth!

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    “Most of the clutter in the apartment is ironically shipping supplies from the stuff I get in ”
    For the longest time my shipping supplies were what was cluttering my place. These days I still get packages, but it’s not quite so many. Plus most of the packages I get tend to be household items from Amazon. My collection room is a mess right not from me re-organizing and reducing my figure collection.

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