Joker bust get <3

I have had a rough last couple of days, my little one hasn’t been feeling well and it’s just been one thing after the other it seems lately. This morning I head the doorbell ring, it’s a glorious sound I haven’t had many packages lately. I was so excited to get at the package’s sweet, sweet innards I grabbed the first knife handy  and dug in. The first knife I spotted in the kitchen was a butcher knife and in my over-zealousness to get at the figure I inadvertently sliced into one of my boobs ^^; How did I manage this? I’m an E cup and cut towards myself >_< Now it wasn’t that bad or anything and it didn’t even hurt that badly but after what I realized what I had actually done, I was so amused with my zeal to get at the figure I was pretty much doubled over laughing as well it was one of those embarrassing things that seemingly only happen to me.
New arrival <3
Unto the figure, Joker is part of the DC Hero Super Villain Bust line. Apparently at some point there was a similiar scale Harley Quinn bust but it didn’t belong to this line, it came out in 2006 so my chances of finding it are probably pretty slim at this point unfortunately ^^; Maybe they will make a Harley Quinn in this line ::hopes and prays because she doesn’t want to have to pay ebay pricing for the old Harley bust::.
I was never someone who really saw the appeal of busts in general but I really like this one. While poking around on line I found a previous Joker one bust that also kind of intrigues me. I know my old comic book shop used to have it but it’s been a long while since I was there so it is quite possible it is now long gone.
I have still yet to work out what angle I like him best from, I guess I will figure it out when I add him to my growing Joker shrine.
I love the pose of Joker, it strikes me as being very much in character for him to play with a presumably fallen Batman’s cape/cowl.
The face sculpt isn’t particularly my favorite interpretation of Joker, a bit too much gum for me I think.

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4 Responses to Joker bust get <3

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    OH GOD you sent shivers down my spine. The thought of cutting myself on the boob….especially if I was using one of my sharp box cutters…

    I’m just glad you’re ok

    • kleintoys says:

      Haha! I cut my bust trying to get at my bust. It really wasn’t a bad cut it was just an omg wtf did I just do moment lol.

      • lovelyduckie says:

        Maybe you should have a new rating system over your excitment at receiving a package. This would be the ultimate tier.

        “Ya I was really happy to get this package, but it wasn’t quite boob popping exciting”

    • kleintoys says:

      Actually it can normally be gauged by how much package debris is on the stairs leading up to my apartment, if it is something I am really looking forward to chunks of packaging/bubblewrap are apt to be unnoticed and left behind lol.

      One of the dolls I got last week I was really excited about, the entire package was wrapped with packing tape like every square inch I still managed to have her deboxed by the time I got back up to the apartment.

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