365 Doll Project- continued

I am in the midst of a 365 doll project, the basic premise is something like a 365 day project I take a picture each day of a different doll I own. I don’t actually own 365 dolls but my intention is basically to keep going until I run out of dolls. In addition to taking a picture of a different doll every day I am also sharing their profiles which is not something I generally do.

To answer some of the questions I have already been receiving on flickr, my eventual intention was at one point to do a picfic. Most of these profiles were never really meant to see the light of day, they were just something to amuse myself with that I may eventually turn into a picfic . Unfortunately as I got more and more dolls it became apparent that well they don’t all belong in the same universe as each other (I have vampires, elves, demons, angels, pirates just to name a few) and that doing a single picfic would probably not suffice. I broke the dolls up into smaller self contained clusters, some dolls such as Hollis Heartspark, Cheshire and Nyx move around freely through the clusters (they exist to kind of give a gentle nudge to keep the others going in the right or wrong direction).  Some dolls were conceptualized to be central characters and have really extensive information about them while others are just kind of bit players that fill out the casts.  I have a bit of a warped mind, a twisted sense of humor and I tend to prefer villains so I am kind of putting a disclaimer out there that not all of my dolls are very nice and some of them are downright deplorable .  I am also astutely aware that they are just dolls, the little stories behind them are just for my own amusement.

2/365- Nyx
2/365- Nyx
Doll- Pullip Raphia
Name- Nyx
Mods– Full custom by Requiemart partially based on the pullip on the cover of the first Pullip mook , her lip ring is removable custom wig is also by Requiemart
Bio- Nyx is a mysterious girl, some are not even sure that she really exists. She is an agent of chaos, no one quite knows what her ultimate goal is. She tends to be very mischievous she does sometimes help people, other times she hurts them but most of the time she just leaves them very much confused. She speaks only in riddles and rhymes mostly about nonsense and limes.

3/365- Emma
3/365 Emma
Doll- Pullip Hello Kitty
Name- Emma
Mods- Rewigged with mohair wig by Requiemart
Bio- Emma is an aspiring fashion designer. She considers her personal style to be colorful and eclectic. She doesn’t let the fact that she is actually color blind get in the way when designing clothing although this may explain some of her color choices. She is an endless optimist and doesn’t let anything get her down.

4/365- Raja
4/365 Raja
Model- Pullip Paja
Name- Raja
Mods- None- minty
Bio- Raja’s parents died when she was fairly young, her eldest sister Autumn raised her as well as her twin sister Paja and their other two sisters Fiona and Natalie. Raja is the proverbial good twin, ever since she was young she has always had a squeeky clean image and everyone always commented her on how nice, kind and polite she was especially when compared with her rebellious twin Paja. Paja grew jealous of all the attention her boring sister got just for being nice so she made her mission to become the bane of Raja’s existance. Raja has remained her perky and wonderful self despite years of Paja’s treachery. She is friendly towards everyone and everyone loves her (well except Paja). Eventually Raja’s love of children and generally being nice paid off when she by chance got an audtion for a new children’s show. She ended up hosting the wildly popular children’s television show called “Nighty Night Raja”. The show basically consists of her reading children’s bedtime stories and nursery rhymes but her good natured and sweet disposition really sold to her audiences. Paja was infuriated with her sister’s sudden fame so she struck back and released an adult film called “Good Night Paja”. The release of “Good Night Paja” almost proved to be the undoing of Raja but her fans (and more importantly their parents) rallied behind her and supported her throughout the embarrassing ordeal. She finally stood up to Paja after years of abuse from her twin sister and said “You know you are not a very nice person” which are very harsh words from someone who is shocked by such as language as oh gosh! and golly gee! .

Despite the fact that her show is a children’s show, Calliope is her biggest fan so much so it almost crossed into stalker-ish territory but Raja doesn’t seemed terribly bothered and remains blissfully unaware of the potential danger. She has a school girl crush on her manager Bill but he is so business oriented he remains oblivious to her feelings.

5/365- Paja
5/365 Paja
Model- Pullip Paja
Name- Paja
Mods- Enhanced eye make up by requiemart, rewigged in a variety of wigs (changes pretty often) and rebodied with a large bust obitsu
Bio- Paja’s parents died when she was young, she as well as her twin sister Raja and her other siblings Natalie and Fiona were raised by their eldest sister Autumn. Paja was always the defiant one even before her parents died, once she was taken in by her eldest sister her doted upon her sweet twin Raja things only got worse. If people thought she was the bad twin well then by God, she was going to do her best to be the worst possible human being possible. Most of her hatred and bile was aimed squarely at her goody-two-shoes twin Raja, why should everyone love her more than Paja just because she is nice to people – please! Despite Paja’s best effort to sabotage her audition that darned Raja managed to get a job hosting a children’s tv show, not to be upstaged by that sickeningly nice sister of hers Paja decided to take things to the next level. She with some help with Hollis made an adult spoof video of her sister’s children show with them being identical twins this caused some issues for her sister. This move turned out to be a double edged sword, everyone rallied around her sister but at the same time it made Paja’s name a household name as well. Paja was able to parlay her fame from appearing in the porn film into a recording contract.

Now that Paja is famous she is leading the good life, she even has a maid and butler to wait on her hand and foot (who cares if she treats them like trash they are just the help!). Of course, now that she is famous she can do whatever she wants. She has her entourage around her at all times and they only add more fuel to fire and encourage her to do more and more outrageous things. One of her misdeeds involve the formerly innocent Nina, Nina was a fan and she was attending the local catholic high school as a senior when Paja met her and liked what she saw. She subsequently seduced Nina and she is now a member of her entourage. She is not exactly loyal to Nina and will regularly sleep with groupies of either gender as well as her manager Hollis on occasion

6/365- Hollis Heartspark
6/365- Hollis Heartspark
Model- Taeyang Maguna
Name- Hollis Heartspark
Mods- Rewigged and rechipped
Bio- Hollis exists in a separate plain of reality, his job much like his sisters’ is to gently nudge people so they get where they need to go. He tends to show up at a time in someone’s life when they are most vulnerable to kind of point them on their way. He is a bit more interested in the human world than his sisters and he has always been kind of intrigued with the silly humans. Hollis’ interest in humans grew exponentially when he discovered a strange but not entirely unpleasant activity called sex. His sense of timing, coupled with his good looks and a knack for saying the right thing at the right time makes him very popular with the ladies (not to mention a few men :O ).

He was involved in the Paja’s plan to take down Raja, he was ideally supposed to take a much more passive role but the reckless Paja intrigued him so much he has adopted the role of her manager. He doesn’t exactly understand what this thing called monogamy means but he can handle Paja on Mondays, Collision on Tuesdays etc. there is no reason to get upset ladies he has plenty of time open in his schedule for all of you. A talent manager in the human world turned out to be a good fit for someone with his interests especially with all the beautiful young starlets desperate to get discovered throwing themselves at him.
(Pullips’ eyes have been covered to protect the innocent and the not so innocent)

7/365- Blitz
7/365- Blitz
Model- Dal Lucia
Name- Blitz
Mods- None, straight out of the box today!
Bio- Blitz’s real name is London, despite her petite size she works as a guard at an asylum for the criminally insane. Due to her petite size many people believe she is much younger than she actually is, most people are surprised to learn that she is very no nonsense and focused on her job. She has received years of martial arts training, which comes in handy when dealing with the violent patients she is in charge of.

One of the madmen she is charged with watching gave her nickname, it was so random and seemingly pulled out of the air that she actually giggled for the first time in years and subsequently adopted it as her nickname. When she isn’t working she spends most of her free time reading dystopian literature, she also enjoys hanging out without fellow guard Ilsa even though she is a bit of a floozy.

8/365- Kitka
8/365- Kitka
Model- Pullip Moon
Name- Kitka
Mods- None
Bio- Kitka is a member of Paja’s entourage but only sometimes, other times she hangs around Anarchy’s circle. Where she is somewhat considered to be the bad influence in Paja’s crew she is somewhat seen as a lightweight in Anarchy’s circle of friends, she reportedly only goes to see Anarchy when she is need of inspiration. She has a very dominant personality she is also very vain, she wants to be the center of attention at all times. She tends to be bad influence to those around her as she likes to encourage the people around to go to new extremes just to amuse her. She works as a dominatrix, a job well suited to her dominant personality.

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2 Responses to 365 Doll Project- continued

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    If I’m not mistaken…Nyx is wearing a Blythe dress? Well either way it looks fabulous on her.

    • kleintoys says:

      It’s a Cancan Cat blythe stock dress. She was my Cheshire Cat before I got Cheshire so now I guess I just have two Cheshire cats ^^;

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