Dollfie Dream Shoot (Illya, Rin + Yui)

I decided to take a few of my dollfie dreams out for a photoshoot yesterday. I took Illya, Suzumiya, Rin and Yui with me although somehow none of the pics of Suzumiya really turned out, I also took my SD Nono as well I had like no pictures of her.
Rin & Illya
Illya’s a little brat she is apparently trying to make Rin her servant!.
Oddly this picture reminds me of myself lol, I used to play guitar normally I use a 2/3 scale guitar for myself otherwise if I use a full sized guitar well then I look Illya with a massive guitar ^^;
Illya is one of my favorite characters in DD form, I can’t help but feel disappointed that she refuses to stand for me though. I ordered KIPS from dollfieworld twice to assist with this problem but it apparently got lost in the mail both times. Perhaps I am not meant to give her KIPS, I should just order it off Volks’ site but somehow I can’t justify $13 in shipping for something so tiny especially since it like costs as much to ship as the cost of the item.
I like shooting the dollfies a lot but it is very time consuming to pack them up and unpack them as I am super paranoid about damaging them so I try to make their photoshoots somewhat sparing.

Yui is still a real favorite around here, I wish I liked Mio’s dd face more as I really love her character plus that bass is out of this world it’s like I want her but I am torn about it. She does look a lot better in owner photos than in the promo shots.
In other Volks news.. Sakura and her transformation set are officially paid for, I was going to order two blank dd heads for a project next month but Volks is now out of stock and I am slightly annoyed >_<

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