163/365- New Arrival K-on Yui Dollfie

I received my tenth dollfie dream in the mail yesterday. I decided rather than getting caught up in trying to get all of the K-on merchandise (well with the exception of the nendoroids) especially with the way figure prices have been skyrocketing lately that it would be better in the long run if I just went ahead and got the dollfie dream. When figures are almost $100 a pop now I would rather just hold off on getting another 1/2 a dozen and get the DD instead.
Yui is my absolute favorite character of K-on, I love how the dollfie version of her turned out. Her face sculpt kind of reminds me of Yoko’s which is so totally not an issue as Yoko is one of my favorite DD. I like Mio’s character too but something just seems lost in translation in her dollfie form although I, not so secretly lust after her bass guitar.
New arrival: Yui
She has such a cute face.
Back in the day, I used to play guitar which means I have various guitars/guitar stuff such as amps floating around the apartment.
I ❤ Yui

Just a kind of aside but I'm kind against the idea of calling my DDs daughters, I understand the history behind the term but this is my daughter, note the actually being a person not a doll. As much as the dollfies are awesome and I love them, I could never bear to think of them as my daughters.

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2 Responses to 163/365- New Arrival K-on Yui Dollfie

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I’m actually not a fan of Yui as a character (although I don’t hate her or anything) but regardless of my lack of love for the character herself, I think she makes an ADORABLE Dollfie Dream.

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