Updates- Volks Dollfies

I took Feena out for some photos yesterday because I don’t have many photos of her yet.
She is such a gorgeous girl, it is hard finding a good setting for her though I can’t seem to find any place that fits her ^^;.

Earlier in the week I had actually taken Suiseiseki and Hina Ichigo out for photos as well.
I’m glad I finally got some good pictures of Suiseiseki, whose wig just now started to cooperate with me.
According to tracking DD #10 may or may not be here tomorrow :O

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1 Response to Updates- Volks Dollfies

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Really random comment, but I was reading a manga series a month ago and was surprised to see them mention Dollfie Dreams in them. The girl was pouting because they couldn’t withdraw the money they needed to get a Dollfie that would be sold out by the next day.

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