134/365- Desk photo

It’s been a while since my last desk photo, I decided it was time for a new one. My desk was looking particularly unpleasant this morning so I figured it was time to clean off my desk and prove there was actually still a desk under all the receipts and various desk debris that I managed to accumulate.
Much to my surprise there was still a desk beneath all the debris. I have a variety of figures/dolls on my desk currently. If you click on the above image there are notes explaining what the various items are.
I got the shelving on my desk originally for pullips but it was a little smaller than what I was hoping for and since I couldn’t use it for the pullips I kind of lacked a space for it, it eventually ended up on my desk. I try to utilize acquired stuff as much as possible, the odder the item the more likely I am to find a use for it.. I am the type to buy store fixtures out of closing stores to use for displays. I covered up the sides with various promotional pullip stuff including some zombuki magnets that I won and an official postcard featuring Savon as a type 1. I also have my Art Storm/Lilics Chobits figures close by as after looking for the Wonder Festival limited version for so long I am not about to let her out of my sight.
My beloved Harley Quinn custom pullip and probably my most sentimental figure Mahoro from Mahoromatic by Kotobukiya share a shelf. They don’t really have anything to do with each other they just happen to both be favorites of mine.
Little Nelliel and Unzombuki Cheshire have struck up a most unusual friendship. Generally speaking only my favorite figures get to hang out on my desk and some of them change out pretty frequently while others stay on my desk for quite some time.
My Illya MDD, my Lucky Star clock and my Naru from Love Hina figure all sit off to the right of my desk. I just realized I forgot to change my calender to April *facepalm*

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4 Responses to 134/365- Desk photo

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    “Generally speaking only my favorite figures get to hang out on my desk”

    I was about to ask if those were some of your favorites. Because you have a good chunk of my absolute favorite figures by your desk.

    • kleintoys says:

      I like the Kanon figures but their are other figures I like more than them, they just happened to not have a spot on the shelf at the moment and I didn’t want to put them into storage.

  2. Anna says:

    Oh those Chi figures!
    I could about die…I hunted for them for so long and was fruitless in finding a reasonable price 😦
    Your doll and figure collection is amazing!
    I hope one day I am lucky enough to have one too ^_^

    • kleintoys says:

      The Wonder Festival Version of Chii was extreme luck, I had been looking for her on and off for years and one happened to pop up for a reasonable price right before Christmas so I was able to talk my SO into getting her for me for Christmas ^^;

      Thanks so much for commenting ❤ Keep an eye on Yahoo Japan, the prices I have seen on ebay are nearly double what they are on Yahoo Japan even after factoring in the shopping fees.

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