113/365- X/1999 Hinoto Custom Pullip

I decided that for yesterday’s picture of the day, I would use the Requiemart custom pullip Hinoto. Hinoto is based off of the Clamp character from anime/manga X/1999. I had recently started working my way through the manga again so I thought taking some more pictures of her would be appropriate.
I can’t get over how gorgeous this doll is, she really seems to capture the Clamp character design. I have always especially loved Clamp’s stylized eye make that used a lot in their earlier career (not so much these days) and I think Requiemart faithfully captured it on the pullip.
Picture 4723

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1 Response to 113/365- X/1999 Hinoto Custom Pullip

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    My favorite art style is from their CCS days, but I still enjoy what they’re doing these days.

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