112/365- Chobits- Chii Figure

I’ve had this figure since it was released. It’s been around for such a long while, I never really bothered photographing it as at this point I am just so used to seeing it around I don’t even consider when deciding what to photograph. I love Chobits, I am a big fan of Clamp in general but I think the Chobits manga is one of my favorite of all their works. The anime isn’t bad but I never loved it as much as the manga, I am not sure if it is because I actually read the manga before starting to watch the anime or if it is because something just seemed to get lost in translation from manga to anime.
This Chii figure is actually based off of one of my favorite Chobits illustrations, I have a framed poster from the Chobits poster box hanging in my hallway I like it so much. I tried to recreate the feeling of the illustration as best I could with my photo. I am kind of sad though because after handling the figure it kind of occurred to me that mine is leaning and is probably going to snap like my friend’s previously did this figure may not stand the test of time :/

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2 Responses to 112/365- Chobits- Chii Figure

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I read a few reviews saying this one was a leaner/snapper. That’s why I ended up buying the one by Art Storm of her kneeling. I wanted this one but I didn’t want to risk it.

    • kleintoys says:

      I know xovian’s snapped like a twig, he was pretty upset but I have had mine since it has come out and she is just now really starting to lean. The kneeling one is made by Art Storm too actually it is just part of their Lilics series, I have the kneeling one as well (both the normal and LE that I got for Chrismas).

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