88/365- New arrivals (Dolls/Comics/Nendoroids)

This inglorious Ash Wednesday is not exactly setting a good vibe for the rest of lent, I have been dying to take doll photos for the past two days but the damn sun won’t come out at all and I don’t want to have to resort to using my flash on my camera (especially when some of these pictures are for a magazine). I am extremely annoyed with the sun right now, and cursing my inability to bend it to my will on the bright side there is not supposed to be anymore snow for about a week.
88/365- New arrivals

As I mentioned yesterday, I was still going out to one last comic book shop last night. I ended up getting issue 8 of Kick-ass (the final issue of book one), a bunch of other random comics (basically anything I could find with Joker content that I didn’t already have) and the Silver Age Joker/Batgirl figure set. I had been wanting the figure set for a while now but couldn’t find anyone that still had it in stock 😦 Not sure where the shop I went to unearthed it but the pricetag on it said it had been checked into the store in 2003 and judging from the box’s condition I tend to believe the date. I am not sure why I found the premise of these two figures coming together as a two-pack so hilarious maybe it’s because I read the Killing Joke a few too many times, I realize it is supposed to be based on their Silver Age incarnations but it still kind of makes me giggle. This is actually my first Batgirl figure, I have no idea what number Joker figure this is as I am starting to get a fair number of them. I came to conclusion that I need to make an actual list of what comics I have and upload it somewhere on this blog (as it’s own page probably) so I can access  it via phone so I can double check whether or not I actually have certain issues or not.

Pullip Elisabeth arrived late yesterday afternoon with her mini pullip entourage: March Hare and Queen of Hearts. I don’t think I have shared the story here about how I managed to track down an Elisabeth so I will do that now.. Pullipstyle had sold out of Elisabeth, I had planned to purchase her at Animadness as they had said they would have her in stock a week to two weeks maximum after the meet but I called them last week to see if she had arrived yet as I was planning on going up there this past weekend and well my email spam filter is a bit overly aggressive sometimes and I was starting to think maybe somehow I had missed their email. I called and they had changed distributors they said to call back in two weeks and they would have an estimate of when they would be in stock then, not that they would be in stock in two weeks but that they would have an idea of when they would be in stock. Patience is not really my strong suit, so I emailed Pullipstyle and asked when they would be expecting a restock of Elisabeth. I got an email back from them saying that they had one left but that she hadn’t been listed on their website because there was what appeared to be a spare eye chip rattling around inside the box- holy lack of quality control batman !. There had been a promotion that you would get a free mini pullip if you preordered the December/January dolls by a certain date but because PS orders more than what was actually preordered she still had a few spare minis floating around and offered me one with my order, I get another email back a few minutes later saying that I could choose two free minis because they had screwed up my order last time because of my addiction to Alice in Wonderland I chose March Hare and Queen of Hearts. I am extremely thankful I decided to try emailing pullipstyle as they are awesome.

I got two packages from BBTS as well as a package from Newegg that has a 620 gig hard drive I intend to stick in my PS3 (the 500 gig laptop hard drive I had in there went flakey on me) when I get a free moment. The first package had a K-ON! Yui nendoroid in it, I got Mio (pictured above) last week but somehow I don’t think I ever actually mentioned her arrival as I just kind of glossed over it as a few dolls arrived that day as well. Both of them are annoyingly cute, just like the show. I like the show but I can’t watch more than an episode at a time without getting cavities, I have a much lower tolerance for cute shows these days 😦 . The other package had my special edition of Mad Love and other stories that comes with  Harley Quinn and Joker figures. I already have the 1st edition of the comic but I really Mad Love and well I decided to splurge a little bit. I’m a sucker for the sets that come with figures especially Joker figures I already have four other ones ^^;

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3 Responses to 88/365- New arrivals (Dolls/Comics/Nendoroids)

  1. sumomokotoko says:

    very nice write up. I am sorry that 640gb hdd is not very photogenic 😦 But it has alot of potential.

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    Elisabeth really became a hit Pullip huh? My bf finds my normal Pullips quite scary already, I think he’d really freak out over her.

    • kleintoys says:

      I think part of what makes her so popular is that she isn’t like all the other pullips, she is a little unusual. The vampire fangs are just stick-on and they look rather goofy instead of threatening when actually on.

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