78/365- Dalicious/Kindle custom Leprotto dal

I haven’t had the time to keep this updated as much lately ^^; I have been horribly busy this past weekend, I have been keeping up with my 365 pictures but I am going to skip two that I neglected to blog here and skip to today’s entry instead. I decided to enter Kindle (custom leprotto dal by Requiemart) in Dolly Market’s photo contest Dalicious. I am normally not so keen on contests, so I normally don’t enter in them but I participated in the first two rounds so I figured I would join up this round as well. First round, I entered with Taffy, one of my Jolies and last time I entered with Dalvam. I finished 6th out of 32 participants last time with Dalvam, I don’t really enter to win though but to have fun.
Yesterday’s official picture of the day ^ I really liked how this one came out but I didn’t think it suited the challenge as it didn’t really show her true personality
The first round’s theme is personality
Dalicious Entry 1
This one is my contest entry. Kindle is kind of complex, she is very painfully shy around people but she absolutely adores animals I am not entirely sure I managed to express it properly in my photo though. Stylistically I like how the shadows seem to further the divide between her and the other girls but I am not sure how well it will comes off to the judges.

Picture 2034

Kindle is way too sweet, I think.

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