Fairyland splurging

I made a fairly large Fairyland order today via Denverdoll (yay for taking payment plans). I literally just paid off my LittleFee Bisou (Girl) Little Bear who is actually in the mail at the moment, I haven’t actually checked tracking  today she might actually be arriving today ^^; . I wasn’t originally planning on ordering another doll (well actually two but that is besides the point)  immediately despite the fact that I fell head over heels in love with Littlefee Leah (Girl) Sugar Plum Fairy but the Fairyland Event items were really tempting this time and buying items during the event which only goes through the 15th is the only way to get the event items .  I am aware that you can sometimes buy the event items on the secondary market but the price tends to be rather exorbitant. I was definitely going to order Littlefee Leah anyway, so I just moved up my schedule a bit.

So what did I order?
Littlefee- Leah Sugar Plum Full Set
As soon as I seen Leah’s photos I knew I would have to have her as she is the most adorable thing ever. Her face sculpt is similiar to Ante’s who I absolutely adore but it is different enough to keep things interesting and possibly kill my need to get a second Littlefee Ante release eventually (the Ante Elf (Girl) Petit Ange is downright lovely). I actually used to ballet dance for the better part of seven years so I think it is kind of drawing me to her as well.

Pukipuki- Cupid2 Basic
I just opted for the basic of Cupid, I know I said Pongpong would be my final pukipuki but well I recently fell in love with this one ^^; On the bright side pukipukis are rather small so at least they don’t take up much space..

Even with ordering two dolls, I wasn’t quite at the threshold for my desired LE item the Minifee breakaway head and matching arm but I was pretty close so I ended up ordering a lilac wig for Cupid and a couple of sets of hands as I had managed to misplace one of my puki’s left hands and that put me right at the threshold for it. In theory I shouldn’t want the scarred head and gnarled arm especially since I don’t even have a body for it and will therefore have to buy it a body at some point.. and well unlike my other bjds who were selected for being extremely pretty, the head is kind of the antithesis of pretty but I find myself drawn to it. I don’t collect male bjds at all (the resin boy bits are a bit too O_o for me) so the breakaway head will eventually be going on a girl body, my current plan is to buy a basic Minifee Miyu at a later date and have them share a body.

I do secretly find myself horrified that this will likely be bjds #10 and #11 for me, I do take some comfort in the fact that I prefer the smaller bjds and only have two of the SD sized bjds.

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1 Response to Fairyland splurging

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Leah is my favorite of the BJDs so far

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