59/365- DD grail and other new arrivals

My dollfie dream grail arrived unexpectedly in the mail today. I knew something off of my wish list was coming but I didn’t know it was her. I adore Illya and she has been on my wish list pretty much since she was announced. I think I have pretty much all of the figures of her as well as the azone of her (actually my favorite of all my 1:6 anime dolls), something about her character just leaves me utterly captivated. I am rather touched to receive her as a gift, I wasn’t expecting it all. I can’t wait to bust her out for pictures tomorrow (worked late today so no real chance for pictures).I promise to give her a more proper arrival post tomorrow when I have actual pictures of her.
59/365- Grail arrival
I did actually get a small package from HLJ as well today, it was mostly Sega Prize figures but they are all pretty darn cute. I got the Seat of Soul Rei and Asuka of Evangelion as well as cosplaying Lucky Star figures of Konota and Kagami. There was a small Klein Klang key chain from Macross Frontier in the package as welll I love Klein.

Edit: In response to the comment I have since deleted I spelled her name Illya in this entry because that is how it is actually spelled on Volks’ site and even on the MDD box, it the popularized shortened version of her name and frankly this is my blog and I will spell her name whatever way I choose to.

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3 Responses to 59/365- DD grail and other new arrivals

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Another Dollfie Dream! I can’t wait to see pictures! Also I’m looking forward to those Lucky Star prize figures myself 🙂

    • kleintoys says:

      I know I am still kind of in shock I now own eight (plus two floating heads) and am hoping to preorder number 9 here in the next few days. Thanks, I did take some pics today but I am not entirely happy with them just yet ^^; The Lucky Star figures are really nice quality for sega prize.

      • lovelyduckie says:

        SEGA Prize has been making me pretty happy lately. I mean they’re not on the same level as a lot of the more $$$ figures, but they’re a good substitute for fans that really want a figure of their favorite character.

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