Arrival- Nana Super Dollfie 13

My surprise bjd arrived yesterday, well she didn’t really arrive so much as call ahead for a ride home. I was told I had a Volks Super Dollfie coming in the mail and given a tracking number, I had diligently been checking the tracking number as I was curious about this mystery bjd but they were not updating. The mail was delivered, no packages so I thought okay maybe she will be here tomorrow (today). On my way from work, I get a phone call from my postal distribution center she had just arrived there while she did not make it in time for a delivery yesterday I was free to come and fetch her if I liked. Of course, I made a quick u-turn and went to fetch her.
Newest Arrival
As I suspected I received a Volks Super Dollfie 13 Nana. Nana was a Dolls Party 6 exclusive and was released in February of 2002. Although she wasn’t what I ideally wanted (SD-Nono) I actually really like her although now I am kind of torn as I think she may actually make a better Utena than Mimi. I may actually end up swapping characters with Nana becoming Utena and Mimi becoming Lucy, I am still kind of in the preliminary phases. For now I have her in stock wig and Ryomou’s school uniform set until the To Heart outfit I ordered for her arrives in the mail, I will probably decide then who will be Lucy and who will be Utena (ironic they both have pink hair >_<).
Nana Nana Nana

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