48/365- BJD- SD13 Nana

Today’s picture of the day is of my Volks Super Dollfie 13 Nana. I am sorry I have become so fixated on dolls as of late but it comes and goes in waves, next month I will be obsessed with Joker again or anime figures or video games or who knows what but this month definitely belongs to the dolls lol. I promise no dolly pictures of the day for the entirety of next week which shouldn’t be hard as I have a pile of unopened figures immediately to my left that are itching to be unboxed and photographed.
Keeping up with the doll theme, I will be eagerly watching Volks’ website tomorrow waiting for the #4 dollfie dream option head to pop up for sale as I feel that head would be perfect for project Kogumi when the time comes..

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